[ Glenn Jones, Sally Winters ]

Till Death Do Us Part


Slapstick Comedy

6 m, 5 f

A look at modern marriage in all its marred majesty. The play opens with a wedding album slide show of four happy couples. The images are quickly supplanted by the reality of the couples’ eroding relationships. By the time all four repair to a Vermont country inn, murder is on their mind. Is there a happy ending in sight?  Yes, maybe more than one.

“The traditional wedding vow is blasted asunder in ‘Till Death Do Us Part. Swooningly romantic couples amorous affectations become the stuff of deadly alienation through these goofy vignettes.” – News Tribune

“A sex farce sprinkled liberally with truth. This tightly written comedy is packed with hilarious dialogue and side-splitting sight gags.” – Asbury Park Press

“A dilly! This latest Van Zandt/Milmore knockabout farce is hilarious. Funny! Funny, funny! “ – The Coaster