The Boomer Boys Musical!

The side-splitting, tuneful, and toe-tapping “men-of-a-certain-age” new musical where women get the last laugh as men go over the hill! Spend a hilarious song-filled evening with the fun-loving, mid-life quartet that knows the best way to deal with getting older is to laugh about it with your friends. And that’s exactly what these guys do as they navigate everything from the depths of expanding waistlines, hair loss, and lost car keys, to the heights of Viagra.


His Prostate is the Size of a Buick

My God I Am My Father

Noises in the Night

My Get Up and Go Has Gone

Hair Makes the Man

Bucket List

The Colonoscopy Rap!

“Like someone threw me on the floor and started tickling me. My laughter could not be contained!” 94.3 The Point (WJLK FM)

“Wincingly funny! A laugh from start to finish!” The Journal