[ Russ Gibson, Drew Hollywood, Billy Van Zandt ]




3 m, 2 f

A young couple from Pennsylvania checks into a posh New York hotel to fill their weekend with bliss, only to have it filled with strangers. Timothy and his wife have inadvertently booked the same honeymoon suite as Frankie and Wanda, an older couple from New Jersey. After they scuffle over the accommodations, no one is where or with whom they should be. Filled with sight gags and one liners, this play broke the house records at New Jersey’s Dam Site Dinner Theater. During the course of the evening, Timothy grows into a man, Elizabeth learns about trust, Frankie learns to respect women and Wanda learns to respect herself.

“Even the offstage lines bring guffaws! I’ll bet a lot of the audience will be back a second time!”- Asbury Park Press

Suitehearts finds love and abundant laughter!” – Worcester Telegram and Gazette

“Enough one-liners to keep an orchestra of rim shot artists busy!” – The Daily Register