[ Pamela D’Amato, Billy Van Zandt ]

Playing Doctor



5 m, 3 f

Rob Brewster’s parents are very, very proud of their son the doctor. What they don’t know is that Rob has used all the money they gave him for medical school to live on as he as has pursued his fledgling writing career. Inevitably, Rob’s day of reckoning comes when his parents arrive for a visit. Quickly, he enlists the help of his secretary to be his nurse and his roommate Jimmy to round up his actor friends to pretend to be patients. Complications ensue when Jimmy decides he is such a good actor that he can impersonate all the patients, with the help of a trunk of costumes and bad dialects! The authors have written some zany farces but this one may just be their zaniest. It is great fun to perform, and great fun to see.

“Sight gags for sore sides!” – Newsday

“Moliere, move over! Wonderful… wacky comedy… This fast-paced farce will undoubtedly become standard dinner theatre fare across the country… contains more wit than is usual in sex farce.” – Asbury Park Press

“A wonderfully wacky burlesque that will keep audiences of all ages laughing!” News 13, FL