[ Jane Milmore, Bill Introcaso, Billy Van Zandt ]

Lie, Cheat, and Genuflect



4 m, 4 f

The Buckle brothers are in big trouble: Tom’s infallible eye for slow horses has drained away all of Billy’s savings and he has borrowed from loan shark Pizza Face Petrillo, who now wants his money back or else! Involve a stuffy young lawyer, a hard drinking, man hungry housekeeper and a trio of beautiful young women, and you have the recipe for a laugh packed farce of twists, turns, puns and pratfalls as Tom strives mightily to compensate for Billy’s “habitual” errors.

“This show is hilarious! It’s brilliant!” – The Enquirer

“A side-splitting good time!” – The Brunswick News

“A winner! A bright play that should not be missed.” – Asbury Park Press