[ The Los Angeles Cast:  Back row – Michael Kostroff, Barney Martin, Adrienne Barbeau, Craig Bierko, Jonathan D. Mack.  Front row – Don Most, Jane Milmore Rose Marie, Billy Van Zandt, Glenn Kelman]

Drop Dead!


Slapstick Comedy

7 m, 3 f

An odd-ball cast of has-been actors revive their careers in “Drop Dead!,” a potboiler murder mystery directed by “Wonder Child of the Broadway Stage” Victor Le Pewe. At the dress rehearsal, the set falls, props break, and the producer and an actor are murdered. But the show must go on!  During the opening night performance, the murders continue. The remaining thespians must save the show and their careers, solve the mystery, and stay alive for curtain call.

“A nonstop physical comedy that turns the world of theater on its head!” – Variety

Drop Dead! will make your jaw drop and your head spin almost simultaneously, but you will be laughing the whole time!” – Peru Tribune

“Oh, how the audience loved it!” – The Augusta Chronicle