[ Sally Winters, Glenn Jones, Drew Hollywood ]

Do Not Disturb



3m., 3f., Int.

Here are six hilarious one-act sex comedies that all take place in the same hotel suite. In THE PICK UP (2m, 1f), a wild bachelor gets more than he bargained for when he picks up a beautiful woman who can’t wait to get him alone. SUPERSTAR (1m, 1f-monologue) involves a movie star’s latest conquest who finds he can’t quite live up to the man she dreamed he’d be. In THE BLUE MOVIE (3m, 1f), a schnook bellhop is blackmailed into starring in a Viking porno film with two amateur actors and a priest. The gag-filled WEDDING (3m, 3f) features an hysterical groom who goes to extremes to hide his wife’s sister who is attached at the zipper. In THE RENDEZVOUS (1m, 2f), a cheating husband is startled to have his weekly tryst with his mistress rudely interrupted by his electric drill-toting wife. The final scene, SUICIDE BALLET (3m, 3f), has the room occupied by a pathetic loser who can’t manage killing himself, but has no trouble wiping out half the population of the hotel.

“Welcome back, sex comedy! Glad to see you!” Star Ledger

“A hot bed of love and laughs! Excellent! Keeps patrons in stiches!” The Herald, Ontario

“Uproarious! “Do Not Disturb” deserves wild applause! Hang onto your seats!” The Record Sentinel & The Times