Memorial Service for Jane

On July 24, 2021, a memorial service was held for Jane Milmore, on the NJ stage where she and Billy debuted so many of their plays.

Here’s a link.  The service starts around 45:00.


News to drop soon:

Between performances touring in “The Boomer Boys Musical,” Billy will be guest-starring in two great upcoming comedies.  More info, when both shows give us permission!  Stay tuned…


The Boomer Boys Musical is back on the road!

First stops:

July 31, 2021:  The Ritz Company Playhouse, Hawley, PA


August 2, 2021:  McLoone’s Supper Club, Asbury Park, NJ

And more to come!

Billy Meets Harvey

Billy speaks with best-selling author Harvey Brownstone about “Get in the Car, Jane; Lucy; Jaws 2; and much more!

Billy on Trek Untold

Billy talks “Star Trek: The Motion Picture” with Mathew Kaplowitz on Trek Untold

Billy on the Sherpa Screening Room Podcast

It’s so cool when I get to interview such creative and multi-talented people for my season finales, don’t you think? Billy Van Zandt certainly fits the bill. His publicist Jian, who was also a HUGE help in setting up the interview, sent me a copy of his book, Get In The Car, Jane, which I read off my computer, so I can’t call it a page-turner, legally…maybe a slow-computer screen scroll down, so you can enjoy all of the chapters? It’s a fun read, regardless. The writing style of the book is like how Billy was in the interview-straightforward, funny, interesting, and entertaining. All of this made him an ideal guest for the podcast, too. It’s chock full of stories that give you a great insight on the life of a tv writer. Trust me, you’ll enjoy it. Maybe Billy will make a play out of it? Whatever he does next, I’m sure will be something to keep the masses entertained. Much thanks for coming on the show, sir!

Fancounters Celebrity Podcast

Billy talks Jaws 2, Star Trek and Newhart on The Fancounters Celebrity Podcast.


Ever wonder what it takes to make a television show? Playwright, actor and producer, Billy Van Zandt joins me on this episode to explain the process. Billy has developed many well-known TV shows, such as Martin, Suddenly Susan and many others. Billy is also an accomplished playwright, writing and producing dozens of off-Broadway shows. We chat about these aspects to his career, as well as his acting roles and his longtime partnership with the late Jane Milmore. Pop in your ear buds and join us on this sensational edition of The PVDcast!

Billy on Earth Station One

The ESO Book Club returns to discuss Larry Niven’s celebrated science fiction classic. Mike, Mike, and Kirby Bartlett-Sloan embark on the Lying Bastard to investigate the secrets behind one of the largest technological wonders of Known Space. Plus, writer/playwright/actor Billy Van Zandt shares some stimulating and side-splitting sitcom stories. All this, along with Angela’s A Geek Girl’s Take, Ashley’s Box Office Buzz, Michelle’s Iconic Rock Moment, and Shout Outs!