“The Way We Work” book launch July 27.

Billy joins writer/editor Bruce Ferber, special guest Jason Alexander, and others, for an afternoon mix of music, interviews, readings, and more!


“THE WAY WE WORK” Out July 9


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Bruce Ferber (editor); Robert Towne (contributor); J.J. Abrams (contributor); Chris Rock (contributor); Gabrielle Union (contribulor); Billy Van Zandt (contributor)

Billy’s chapter:  “I Stalk Lucy.”


Despite increasing corporate mergers and bottom-line thinking, the entertainment business will never function like a bank or an insurance company because it is an industry rooted in imagination. Rules are meant to be broken. The best work is often produced in an environment where plans change by the minute and nothing seems to make sense. To wit, those who choose this profession must alter preconceived notions of work itself, sometimes discovering that fantasy and horror describe both movie genres and life on the job. The phenomenon crosses class lines: From the writers, directors, and producers to the lawyers, agents, studio executives, and crew and right down to the porta-potty suppliers.

The Way We Work provides a window into the skill sets and the insanity that make movies and television tick. Essays by award-winning writers, directors, and producers chronicle the process and the obstacles facing those at the top of the creative food chain. Oral histories from executives to “below-the-line” workers describe life in the trenches, which often present as Stud’s Terkel’s Working―on acid.

“The Boomer Boys” to New Jersey June 22!

Thank you, Toms River!  We had a ball.

The Musical where Women get the Last Laugh as Men go Over the Hill!

Meet “The Boomer Boys!” In this hilarious musical revue, a fun-loving “fat pack” of middle age men realize that the best way to deal with getting older is to laugh about it with your friends. That’s exactly what these guys do as they navigate everything from the depths of expanding waistlines to the heights of Viagra.

Ladies, now is your chance to find out what men are really thinking as this hilarious evening of songs covers everything from snoring and hair loss to weight gain and lost car keys. And all’s well that ends well as our mid-life quartet concludes with the inspirational revelation that you’ll never be younger than you are today! If an hysterical night of songs, jokes and stories is on your to-do list, don’t miss “The Boomer Boys!”


Tickets on sale now.


A chapter from Billy’s television memoir “Get in the Car, Jane!” will be included in author Bruce Ferber’s new non-fiction anthology, THE WAY WE WORK: ON THE JOB IN HOLLYWOOD, published by Rare Bird Books.  Tales from above and below the line by JJ Abrams, Robert Towne, and many, many more… Billy’s chapter:  “Billy Stalks Lucy.”  Available July 2019.

(Cover Art for “Get in the Car, Jane!” by Tom Chesek)


Rights to “The Boomer Boys!, the new musical by Billy & Jane & composer Wayland Pickard, have been acquired by Joe Corcoran (“Tony and Tina’s Wedding”) and Gary Shaffer (“You’ve Got Hate Mail”).  A national tour begins June 22 in Toms River, NJ.  More dates to follow.


“Dwie Pary Do Pary” (Suitehearts”) has opened at the Warsaw Capitol Theater, Warsaw, Poland. Down the street from where “Love, Sex, and the I.R.S.” (or “Seks, Milosc, I Podatki!”) is playing at the Teatr Komedia. Both translations penned by Emilia Milkowska. You can find some photos from the production by going to: https://teatrcapitol.pl/spektakl/dwie-pary-pary/


“Love, Sex, and the IRS” is making audiences go wild at Teatr Komedia in Warsaw, Poland!   “Seks, Milosc, I Podatki!”, with a great Polish translation by Emilia Miłkowska.  To see some photos go to: https://teatrkomedia.pl/seks-milosc-i-podatki



“Having a Wonderful Time, Wish You Were Her” is killing it in Romania under the title “Swing!”

“You’ve Got Hate Mail” is now “SEXTING FOR DUMMIES”

Kurt Long joins the cast!  The international hit comedy “You’ve Got Hate Mail” will return to Vitello’s Supper Club in North Hollywood for one performance – Saturday May 5, 2018 – under its new title “SEXTING FOR DUMMIES”  Starring Jane Milmore, Kurt Long, Barbara Bonilla, John D. Beck, and Alexis Brandt.

For tickets:  https://vitellosrestaurant.ticketfly.com/event/1664645

“The perfect bedroom farce…riotously enacted by a five-person ensemble!” – New York Post

“It doesn’t get better than this!” – Show Business

“A wisecracker of epic proportions!” – Huffington Post

“Outright guffaws!” – Peter Fillichia

“Brilliant! It doesn’t get better than this!” – Malta Times

“A funny play! The verbal zingers fly fast and furious!”- Asbury Park Press

“LOL! The audience is guaranteed to do just that – LAUGH OUT LOUD!” – The Star-Ledger

“Hilarious! Riotous! I haven’t enjoyed theater like this since the days of the late Charles Ludlum and his Ridiculous Theatrical Company! I CAN’T RECOMMEND THIS PLAY ENOUGH!” – Culture Catch

“Behind this very funny theater piece lurk many surprises.” – The Huffington Post

“My friend nearly peed herself laughing! Bravo! Bravo!” – 94.5PST

NYC! JANUARY 14, 2018!

Billy and “The Manopause Boys” return to NYC’s Triad Theater in their hilarious musical-review about the life-changes in men over fifty.  Every performance has sold out, so get your tickets now.


“I co-host a morning radio show so I’ve been exposed to plenty of  jokes through the years. But nothing compares to the laughs I got when I saw The Man*O*Pause Boys in action. It was like someone threw me on the floor and started tickling me. My laughter could not be contained nor controlled. This musical manages to make fun of the things that would otherwise make women (and men!) over 50 cry . Billy, Glenn, Jeff and Tom have chemistry that cannot be replicated and can only come from years of making such fantastic comedy together. And boy can they sing!” — Liz Jeressi, “Lou and Liz in the Morning”, 94.3 The Point (WJLK FM)